Tompkinson was required by the cult he’d joined to embark upon an extensive program of apology, making a list, blaming himself for the slightest indiscretion, prostrating himself before people who often couldn’t remember who he was. With his mother it was different: he considered himself lucky to have escaped her clutches, and now here she was, in her nightgown, brandishing a shoe box she’d kept under her bed for 26 years, opening it to reveal a sealed envelope.

Open this and all your questions will be answered she told him, grinning, almost drooling, handing him the knife. Careful, it’s sharp.


One thought on “Letter.

  1. That letter opener may prove too much of a temptation…

    (Thanks for joining in the Challenge. Hope to see you back soon. If you include a link back to the prompt post, your readers can find the other wordster stories.)

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