Friday Fictioneers #51: they built a velodrome.


We used to go digging up bottles like them in the woods he says, by Odd Down playing fields he says, collectable are they, how much they go for?

Depends she says, polishing a Gee’s Linctus bottle, taking great care over the embossed lettering.

There were old tellies too he says, and a lot of Bakelite, you get much call for Bakelite?

No, she says.

Course the woods is all but gone now, they built a velodrome there. Used to be hockey pitches. You know it?

No, you buying anything?

No he says, I ain’t, now empty the fucking till.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly photo-prompt flash fiction challenge, curated by the wonderful Rochelle Wishoff-Fields, and open to anybody. Full details here.


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